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Born out of necessity and into a smoke-filled bar room (yes, it was that long ago) Never Too Late was a response to a fund-raising event at a local school which was in danger of foundering.

When the organisers discovered that the live music they had promised would cost as much as the ticket sales, they shouted for help. Up stepped six parents whose musical talents ranged from professional through semi-professional to downright unprofessional. Never Too Late hit the stage and has refused to leave.

What started as a one-off gig for a good cause has become a constant stream of worthy gigs. Not only do the band play music that rocks from cradle to zimmer but they have cut the Gordian knot of fundraising: how to provide high quality entertainment without eating up the money you raise.

Never Too Late play for free so all the money goes direct to your charity or deserving cause."

Telephone: 01732 743969 Email: